About Us

We Are GymTech:

Where a young athlete experiences the EXCITEMENT of gym sports in an environment that develops skill, ENRICHES life, and generates the confidence to EXCEL in all things!
We offer programs for athletes of all abilities, from the beginner looking for fun and fitness to the advanced looking to compete on a national level. Programs are offered at multiple levels as well as multiple days and times. Give us a call today to set up your free class trial!

Why choose GymTech?


The excitement of gym sports cannot be denied. As children we all love to move, dance, jump, climb, flip, roll, run, and play in a manner that complements our natural body movement and function. We offer all of these things and more through our fun and exciting gym based programs.


We believe that lives can be enriched by providing an environment that fosters confidence, encouragement, skill and focus. Our coaches strive to do this every class, with every athlete, everyday.


Excellence is marked by high caliber qualities such as greatness, mastery and outstanding performance. We coach with emphasis on developing skill and technique that not only sets our athletes up for mastery in movement, but also develops confidence that will help them to excel in anything they strive to achieve!

Maria Matheson- Owner

The phrase “We just love Maria!” gets spoken quite frequently within our GymTech Family. Maria is the proud owner of GymTech Youth Gym Sports. Her true roots lie in dance, with a background in competitive dance that lasted for 9 years. Maria eventually began coaching as as a dance instructor at the age of 25; eventually transitioning her coaching career into the realm of gymnastics and cheerleading. Maria’s underlying love for coaching and pouring into the youth soon manifested into the start of her own mobile gymnastics program for pre-school students. Through time, experience, hard work and planning, Maria was eventually able to open her own gym in 2008. She is a professional member of the USA Gymnastics Organization and holds a certificate for USA Gymnastics National Safety. She is also certified for USA Gymnastics Pre-School Fundamentals One and Two.